If in Doubt, Massage it Out


​​​​​One of the ways I manage my back ache, which usually become worse before bedtime is by having a massage on all the muscles that feel tense and sore.

My mum will do these whenever I need them and we have used lots of different oils and lotions to help it feel nice. I’ve decided to review them and I have selected my top 3. Have a look at my video to find out more.

Emu Muscle and Joint Relief – £24.99


What they Say:

“100% natural Australian Emu oil blended with coconut oil and a combination of essential oils known for their healing abilities for additional pain relief. It can assist with the of symptoms of arthritis, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, gout, frozen shoulder, sports injuries other and other aches and pains.”

I think this smells a bit strong and quite a funny smell but it makes the massage feel lovely and really helps my tense muscles to relax.

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar – £5.95

lush massage bar

What they Say:

“A creamy strawberry massage bar with a fruit sundae fragrance. If you’re feeling fruity, this massage bar is just the thing to get you in the mood. We’ve crushed fresh strawberries and infused hibiscus flowers for a fabulous fragrance, while lashings of butters and oils to make your skin velvety smooth. Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Fair Trade shea butter, and extra virgin olive oil are in here for hydration, as only the best will do.”

I love the smell of this so much, it’s just like real strawberries!  This melts down and feels really nice when massaged onto my back.  It has lasted a really long time and the only thing I can think of is that it sometimes leaves a pink mark on my cloths, but it does come out after it’s been washed.

Bio-oil – £8.99

bio oil

What they say:

“Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin.

The Bio-Oil formulation combines some of the most beneficial skincare ingredients, including vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, plus unique to Bio-Oil, PurCellin Oil, which helps to ensure they are easily-absorbed deep into the skin where they can provide targeted treatment. “

I love the smell of Bio-oil, it’s a bit flowery.  It’s very nice as a massage oil and soaks in well.  It is also known to be very good for scars so I have it rubbed into my scars on my back to help them heal.  It seems to have worked well as my scars are now very pale and you can hardly see them.

So that’s my top three massage oils.  I have used lot’s of other ones and sometimes just grab the nearest body lotion but if you wanted something that I think is really good, try one of these.

Thanks for reading or watching and Hope you enjoy!

Emilia x


2 thoughts on “If in Doubt, Massage it Out

  1. Daisy says:

    Hi Emilia it’s me Daisy u are amazing.u are so brave😀 I miss u at school and my nanny thinks your cushion video is fantastic.have a great holiday 🐶🦄🐩🐕

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