Scoliosis – A Tale of Two Curves

Hello my name is Emilia I am eight years old Welcome to my blog!

My blog is about my journey of scoliosis. I was born with Congenital Scoliosis my Mum and Dad noticed it when I was 7 months old when they thought that my back didn’t look quite right.  They noticed that when I sat upright it didn’t look straight. I was finally diagnosed with Congenital Scoliosis just after my first birthday and was referred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to see a consultant called Mr Breakwell, who specialises in the type of scoliosis I have.

My first operation

The month before I had my third birthday, in June 2011, I had my first operation. I can’t really remember this operation but my Mum and Dad took lots of photos and have told me all about it.  The operation was to have one of my hemi-vertebrae bones (these are half formed vertebrae that look like a wedge shape) at the bottom of my back removed and than the above and below vertebrae were fused together.  My doctor Mr Breakwell has told us that the bone he removed was used to make a sort of bone cement and was put back into the space were it could fuse with the other vertebrae.  Then Mr Breakwell put some screws and very small rods over the cement to fix the bones together.  The bone cement, rods and other vertebra have all grown into one large bone now.  This operation is called spinal fusion. 

This operation helped to slow down the increasing curves my scoliosis was creating.  I’m really glad I had this operation because I was too young to remember it and it stopped my scoliosis from getting much worse when I was still very young.  I recovered really quickly because I was too young to let the operation slow me down. Now I’m bigger I don’t really notice that I have this part of my back fused.  It doesn’t really stop me from doing anything – which is great.


Me when I was 12 months old, you could hardly see my curves


This is when I was nearly 2 years old, you are now able to see my scoliosis


This is my back just before my 1st operation, I was nearly 3 years old


me just after my operation, My mum said my eyes were very swollen


This was me blowing bubbles, the physiotherapists made me do it and then pop the bubbles as exercises


This is my back after my operation – there is a mark at the top from a sticky electrode


IMG_1057 2

The x-ray after my operation shows the small rods and screws at the bottom of my back

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